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Body For Golf

Body For Golf is your key to unlocking a better golf game. Focusing on the shoulders, hips, and spine, Susan Hill’s program teaches the right techniques to enhance your swing. It’s all about activating your body’s powerful trio for optimal performance on the green.

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The Body For Golf program targets three key areas for golfers: shoulders, hips, and spine. It emphasizes proper techniques to activate these core elements, recognizing their importance in the golf swing. The spine serves as a pivot point, and without correct shoulder rotation, the backswing and follow-through are affected. The program also focuses on initiating the downswing with the abs and hips, using the arm muscles to fine-tune the swing. By understanding and applying these principles, golfers can enhance their performance on the course. Body For Golf offers valuable insights to help golfers improve their game.


Not only casual golfers, but even seasoned pros have also often been found to struggle on a seemingly excellent day with their inaccurate shots. What’s the reason? Luck is one, poor technique another but the chances are that the primary cause of your bad golf outing is your poor golf fitness.

Without a 100% golf-fit body, you just cannot attain your full golf-potential and however good your technique might be, you will always perform under par (not a golfer’s under par of course!). So what to do? Susan Hill has the answer for you, or so she would have us believe!

Her meticulously designed “Body for Golf” program promises to help you reach the peak of your performance, by fine tuning your body’s strength and flexibility using straightforward workout routines and stretching. Does it deliver on its promise, though? Here is what we think!

It is a revolutionary blueprint to achieve maximum golf fitness, which in turn helps you attain your real potential as a golfer. Body for Golf is a golf specific workout program which underlines the connection between the fitness level, and the swing generated while hitting the ball.

What makes it one of the best golf exercise programs out there right now, is the fact that it does not try to alter your technique but rather primes your body to utilize your already existing technique to its fullest impact.

Who Invented The Body For Golf Program?

Susan Hill came up with this excellent golf workout program in her quest to find ways to increase golf performance to the maximum. Besides being a nationally certified golf-fitness expert and trainer, Susan is also the ex-President and founder of the website

Her impressive resume also lists her as a sports nutritionist, golf bio mechanic, and expert on golf flexibility. Susan Hill also happens to be a successful writer, with eight best-selling books about golf already published and having been featured in magazines like Golf, Resort Living, and Junior Golf Scoreboard.

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How Does The Body For Golf Program Work?

The entire program consists of five essential steps to achieve low scores in golf, a low handicap index, and the ideal golf fit body.

Step #1: Core Conditioning

The “core” is the central point in a golfer’s body, from which he/she derives all the strength for going through bodily movements. The efficiency of the golf swing depends on this core strength, the capability to endure and proper engagement.

Wherever a weak core exists (most people have weak cores, to begin with), chronic posture problems arise leading to injuries and poor swing efficiency. By plugging the energy leak associated with a weakened core, you can channel more energy into your shots and thus, derive maximum strength and effectiveness.

Step #2: Utilizing the Powerful Trio of Hips, Shoulders, and Spine

Most beginners or casual players tend to overuse their arms to charge and swing the club. Therefore, they are not able to deploy the inherent muscle power in the lower body part and end up generating inconsistent and inaccurate swings.

Top pro players will tell you (or not, they like to keep their secrets!) how you need to go through a shot, using a proper co ordination of your hips, shoulders and the spine, to achieve the perfect swing.

Step #3: Finding “Your” Perfect Swing

There is no one perfect way to swing the club, and the so called “perfect” swing tends to vary player to player. To improve your game, you just need to find the swing that can fetch the perfect results for you – your perfect swing. The Body for Golf plan teaches you how essential it is to attain a good posture at the address, and then to repeat that same perfect shot over and over, to achieve your peak.

Step #4: Getting proper golf specific nutrition

This is what sets the champions apart from wannabes, and real professionals from amateurs. A golf specific nutrition diet is essential if you wish to attain your true potential as a golfer. Whereas, a poor diet goes on to affect your concentration levels, judgment skills, and energy management.

Step #5: Stop doing strenuous (and unnecessary) workouts

Golf fit body does not translate to a tall, skinny physique but rather to an all round fit body, with flexible shoulders that are capable of achieving the perfect rotation and thus, peak performance. The Golf for Body program teaches you what is best for you, and helps you improve your overall fitness by doing a few simple exercises and stretch routines in a very short time.

What Do You Get With The Body For Golf Program?

With Susan Hill’s Body for Golf program, you stand a chance to get the physique of your dreams and play perfect golf like pros! It is a specifically designed workout routine for golfers that helps you increase the drive distance, reduce handicap and get incredible levels of fitness.

All this and more awaits you as you enroll in this program, the highlights of which are:

– tips on how to let go the three things that 99% of golfers do that proves detrimental to their game

– advice on sure-fire special nutrition program and energy management techniques

– knowledge of the “Power Principles” that help you shoot low scores quicker than everyone else

– an all-exclusive access to a golf-specific cardio workout routine of pros

– a shockingly addictive golf specific exercise routine

– the no- nonsense plan to achieve the best figure for your body

– the ultimate stretching guide, suiting your body type and capabilities

– learn the strategies to attain abundant energy, unbridled productivity, supreme fitness and low-stress levels

– fast and easy way to gauge your physical capabilities and limitations

– learn about the fastest and best methods for weight loss

– discover 25 secrets for weight loss and eliminating fat from the body

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Apart from the main Body for Golf program, you also get access to three Bonus gift items (available for first 100 buyers only!) on purchasing the package.

Bonus #1: Golf-Experts Tell All

A best-selling book worth $97, where 6 of the top golf experts tell you all about the techniques of the golf swing, injury management, golf specific exercises, and much more.

Bonus #2: Ultimate Stretch Guide

A comprehensive manual worth $39.95, that demonstrates the most effective stretching exercises to make your body strong and flexible, and bring out the best swinging capabilities in you.

Bonus #3: Most Burning Questions

Part 1 and 2, a collection of FAQs about golf worth $39.95, by Susan Hill herself where she talks about how to transform your game drastically.


Helps gain considerable increase in golfing capabilities

Helps attain incredible fitness levels, sans any strenuous workout routines

Helps you feel better about your game and more importantly, yourselves

Helps you reach incredibly high energy levels

Fully science and medical backed nutrition diets and workout regimes

Quick turnaround time of only 6-8 weeks

Excellent value for money (at $37, it is way cheaper than your golf club!)

100% refund guarantee, if you are not satisfied with the program


Not for lazy people, you need actually to do these exercises and follow the diet religiously

This program is geared towards beginner golfers, and does not offer any meaningful insight for experienced players.

You may still need hands-on guidance when implementing these tips. Though they aim to be helpful, applying them fully could require support from an experienced coach.

As an avid golfer, you likely prefer watching golf over reading about it. Going through lengthy content on the sport may be challenging. However, with the most detailed explanations available, understanding this material is achievable.

Who Should Try The Body For Golf Program?

It has been designed and developed specifically for those people who:

– have been golfing for 2 or more years, but still, suffer from high handicap levels

– are tired of being out-driven and outplayed by rivals half their age

– feel they are yet to attain their full potential in golf

– feel tired after playing golf or get easily tired while playing it

– are prone to injuries, which also prove to be tough to heal

– constantly feel tired, frustrated and low on energy levels

– have just begun to try their hands at golfing

– are tired of their poor techniques at golf as well as poor dietary routines

Frequently Asked Questions

Does The Body For Golf Program Work?

Absolutely. Susan Hill is a competent and acclaimed golf fitness expert and nutritionist, and that shows in her meticulously designed program. Ask any pro golfer, and he/she will tell you the importance of the right golf specific diet and exercise routines.

Tiger Woods himself confirms the all important connection between body fitness level and the efficiency of a golf swing, as do the 106,000 people who have already benefited from Susan’s expertise on golf fitness and nutritional plan.

My Recommendation

There is simply no denying that Susan Hill has come up a convenient and useful tool for every golfer out there, who wants to attain a Pro status in golf. She knows what is required to achieve peak performance while golfing, having helped thousands of professional players before.

The Body for Golf program is a competitor golfer approved program, and it gets our nod of approval too, given the sensible approach it shows towards building the perfect body for playing golf.

No additional workouts or significant alterations to golfing techniques means it does not waste too much of your time and gives you results in weeks instead of months or years.

To top it all, Susan also promises a full money refund to anyone who is not happy with the program in any possible way. There must be something about the program that gives her so much confidence. We suggest you trust her at least once!

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